Colorado has a very dry climate and is situated at high altitudes. Even lower elevations in the state, such as Denver sit a mile or more above sea level. This combination of dry air and high altitude make many of the tips below crucial to having a more enjoyable and safe stay in the Rocky Mountain region.

- Make sure to drink plenty of water, since it's very easy to become dehydrated
in the dry Colorado air. If you feel a headache coming on or feel somewhat sluggish, you may simply need more water. You should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day and more if you will be physically active during your stay.

- Alcohol is absorbed into the blood system quicker at high altitudes, which
speeds up the effect that a couple of drinks would normally have at lower altitudes. Bottom line - two or three drinks in Denver will feel like more than they would at sea level, so don't overdo it.

- Don't overdo exercise your first day or two in Denver or in the mountains. Let
your body adjust. It's always recommended that visitors spend a day or two in Denver before heading for an intense skiing or biking trip to the mountains.

- Wear plenty of sunscreen. Denver receives 24% more ultraviolet radiation
than sea level cities. Sunglasses and lip balms are essential when visiting Colorado. If you wear contact lenses, don't forget to pack your eyedrops for the dry air.

- Be prepared for changing weather conditions. It's wise to dress in
layers as the temperature fluctuates unexpectedly at times.

- Use caution during the spring and summer months when cloud to ground lightning strikes are quite common. It's not unusual for an afternoon thunderstorm to produce several thousand lightning strikes. Colorado is no place to take chances when lightning is in the air, especially when hiking in the mountains or while biking or playing golf.

- In Denver it's hard to truly get lost if you remember that the mountains are
almost always visible to the west. Also keep in mind that any byway that is
labeled as an "avenue" runs east-west, while those labeled as a "street" run

- If your golf game is "on", you may want to adjust your club selection since
golf balls travel almost 10% further than at sea level.

- Finally, just have fun! Colorado is truly a wonderful playground for anyone
who loves the outdoors. With beautiful mountain vistas and over 300 days of sunshine a year, there are ample opportunities for biking, skiing, hiking, golfing, fishing, white water rafting, and just relaxing!


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