Springtime in the Rockies is well...interesting to say the least! Temps in the 70s, hail and heavy snow all in one day? Yes, that can be a typical spring day in Colorado. The calendar may say it's springtime, but the weather this time of year is everchanging. Many of the biggest snowstorms of the year occur during March and April, but luckily the white stuff doesn't stick around for long. You may find yourself shoveling snow in the morning and biking in the afternoon during this volatile season. Take a look at the temperature chart to get a feel for the wide ranges of temperatures that can occur during the months of March, April and May.

Afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence during June and July, and are often followed by beautiful late-afternoon rainbows. Most days start out sunny and clear with afternoon clouds often drifting in. Not to worry however, as these storms quite often are fast moving and pass through in time to view one of Colorado's colorful sunsets. Typically the summers are hot and dry for the most part, with lightning strikes being very prevalent during the summer months. If you're heading to the mountains, use caution when travelling above the tree line, especially during the afternoon hours. Hail, while not as common as during the springtime, is not unheard of during the summer.

Fall in Colorado is definitely one of the most pleasant times of the year. Thunderstorms that are common in the summer can still occur in September, but become less and less frequent as autumn progresses. October typically brings some of the most beautiful days of the year here, but better locate the snow shovel just in case a quick dose of winter pops up. Usually the early snows occur in the mountains while lower elevations such as Denver bask in the warm autumn sunshine.

Most people throughout the country think that the Denver winters are cold, snowy and brutal. While it's true that the highest mountain peaks do see snow almost year round, Denver typically sees somewhat mild and sunny winter days. Snowstorms come and go quickly, so if you see "Denver digging out" on the National news, rest assured that the locals are likely golfing or biking before long. When heading to the mountains, always listen to traffic conditions as mountain roads, including major highways can become treacherous.

You can probably figure out by now that the weather in Colorado is often unpredictable regardless of the season. We suggest that you be prepared for changing weather and dressing in layers is always a good idea. Even though storms can pop up anytime, Denver does experience over 300 days of sunshine a year….more than Miami or San Diego! So, grab your sunglasses and sunscreen and have a great time!


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